Term 3 Reflection

This term was so hectic! This term might be the busiest in my opinion. I’ll tell you what our class has been doing and learning for Term 3.


For Math we have been learning about decimals, ordering it , the place value of decimals and fraction that connect with decimals. Being honest I didn’t know much about those things at all, so its been a great learning experience for me. I now have a better understanding about it.


For spelling we have been doing code crackers and learning the meanings of words that came from it, so that we could extend our vocabulary. I learnt words like neophyte, it means a begginer or a person newly converted to a religious faith and octet means a group of 8 singers or instruments.


For French we have been learning about food, countries in Europe and France. We learnt about La Baguette and la fromage which means a baguette and cheese. We also learnt about countries of Europe, like Spain, Portugal,England,Ireland,Scotland,Wales,Italy,Switzerland,Belgium,Germany and of course France. It was kind of confusing to learn these countries in French, but I managed.


For our science topic we have been learning about marbles,forces and motion. We have been learning what makes it move and what surfaces is it good or bad on. I love science! Speaking of science we went on a science roadshow, if you want to know more about it read my previous post about it.


For physical education (P.E) we did the beep test. The beep test is when you run from one corner to another, but you have to challenge yourself and do your best.


For R.E we have been learning about the 7 sacraments like Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Holy orders, First Communion,Marriage and Anointing Of The Sick. We also have been learning about Blessed and Broken parts of Jesus’ life. We also learnt the meaning of  “Do this in memory of me”.


For reading and writing we did a book talk and the SRA. We wrote about explanation writings and Reflections.


For arts we got insipired by “The Artist Women’s Blog”. It will be great if you check her out. We made a Day and Night City Skyline and a Guitar Collage.


This term we had the senior winter tournament. I played netball and our team only won once! But even  with only one win. We are all enthusiastic! We had fun though!


This term the artsplash group performed at Michael Fowler Center. It was a great experience singing with different schools with actions. We also had props! It was so much fun!


My favourite part of the term was ski camp! I learnt so many different skills at camp. It was great opportunity! This term is probably my favourite term of all time.

Reflection – Fonterra Science Roadshow

Today Room 3 and 8 went to Raumati Beach school to see science exhibits and shows. We had the first show in the beginning and the 2nd show after we finished looking around the exhibits. At the first show they talked about the lenses of telescopes and microscopes and how water was the world’s first magnifying glass. I thought that was interesting since I didn’t know much about it before. Then we looked around the exhibits and we played with them and learned about all sorts of things. the second show is all about physical and chemical change. They experimented with different chemicals and acids. They also made a piece of parsley break into million pieces using liquid nitrogen. They taught us more about solid, liquid and gas. My favourite part was when green foam oozed out of the tube to make toothpaste. You can search it up on youtube it’s called Elephant’s Toothpaste.

Something to look forward to!!

Finally it’s nearly ski camp! I can’t wait! It’s gonna be so fun! The year 7’s and 8’s are going on a special trip to Mt. Ruapehu. We can choose between skiing and snowboarding. I chose snowboarding and I’m a bit scared if I fall, but it will be a new experience for me. We are departing on August 22 and come back on August 24. My birthday is on August 19 so it’s like a birthday treat!

I can’t wait to go !!

Bye Bloggerz!

Week Reflection!

This week is very productive. We focused on art and we made two different things. The skyline and the impressionist art. I love the impressionist art the best. We made a mosaic kind of art and we drew a guitar/ukulele.

Steps on how to make a mosaic impressionist art.
1. Get a clean piece of A4 paper.
2. Rip or cut out bits of newspaper. (tip: don’t get bold writing as it will draw the eye to that instead of the guitar/ukulele).
3.Stick the newspaper bits with glue preferably liquid glue.Make sure it is really stuck on really well.
4.Wait for it to dry.
5.Once it’s dry ,draw your guitar or ukulele on the paper. Make sure you don’t have to much mistakes on the proper work so you don’t have to rub out. (tip: make sample drawings before drawing the good copy first).(another tip:strings are not advisable).
6. After you drew your guitar/ukulele, you make it stand out with tracing the outlines of the drawing.
7.Draw lines in the guitar/ukulele to make it look like a mosaic.
8.Paint in the lines with different colours & also paint the background of the artwork.
9. Wait for the artwork to dry.


I think this artwork is very fun doing. It looked very colourful,creative and bold.

My Narrative Story

Today is the day,the day I have been waiting for. Anyway my name is Beatrice. I have dark black hair,brown complexion and black eyes. I get my diving gear out of  my closet and put it in my bag. I grabbed my bag that also contains goggles and a net. I walk downstairs and open the fridge, I grabbed the milk and the cereal from the cupboard. I sit down and eat. I finished my breakfast as fast as I could because I am excited. I finally finished my breakfast and walk out the door and shouted “goodbye mum and dad”. I started walking to the diving area. We were supposed to meet there. I get closer and closer and I see all the divers and the boat.


“Hi guys,who’s ready for some diving?” I said. They all raised their hands . We got our wet suits,flippers and goggles out of our bags and changed into it. The instructor gave us the oxygen tanks and told us everything to do and know about diving. We get ready in our positions,my diving buddy is next to me. We fall into the water. I feel the icy cold water on my body,but after a while I get used to it and the thick wet suit is helping me alot. My diving buddy and I look around,I see loads of different kinds of fishes. It was amazing!


After awhile of looking around my diving buddy told me that she wasn’t feeling well,so she’s getting out of the water. I told her that I am gonna carry on without her. She seems fine with it so she left me there alone. A few moments later I see a crayfish,it was huge! I decided to keep it and put it in my net. Then suddenly a gush of water carried me. I feel like getting pulled by the strong water. I kicked and waved my arms everywhere, but it was no use. I was losing my energy fast. Finally the water stopped and I looked out at where I was. I don’t see anyone or anything, just water everywhere.


I screamed for help, but no matter what no one can hear me. I gave up because it started to get dark. I prepared to survive the whole night,but it was freezing cold. My eyes are slowly shutting and a few moments later I was drifting to sleep.


I opened my eyes,it was a beautiful day. The sun was out and I can feel the warmth on my skin. The beautiful day gave me hope. I tried shouting for help again, but as usual no one came to rescue me. I just lay there thinking, what will happen now? I decided to take a nap. I opened my eyes and it was raining. I smiled of the thought of drinking water,because I was so thirsty. I took off my goggles and held it out to get the rain water. After a while the rain water. After awhile the rain stopped and I drank the water,that I got from my goggles. I’m not thirsty anymore, but now I’m starving. Then I remember about the crayfish that I have inside my net. I took my net and held the crayfish. I started cracking it open. The shell was as hard as a rock. I opened it with all my strength and might. Finally I got it open and I grabbed all the meat out of it and savored every moment. Then a little while later I saw something move, it was really quick. Then I saw a fin and I knew it was trouble. I stayed there calmly and I didn’t move a muscle. I thought it is the end, but then the shark left. I exhale a sign of relief. it was already dark and i prepared for my second night at sea.


I woke up and again it was a beautiful day. It wasn’t good, I felt like my skin was gonna burn. I felt a stab of pain on my hands. I took my gloves off and I saw my skin were blistering and it was coming off, my nails were coming off as well. I screamed at the sight of it and I take my gloves off, my flippers and the oxygen tank. Those are the things that were keeping me alive. I stare up high and I look at the white fluffy cloud. I was only focusing on that cloud. Then I hear someone screaming my name.


I felt like getting heaved out from the water and I got rushed to the hospital. I see my mum and dad with worried faces. A few months later, I still do diving, the incident didn’t stop me from doing what I like doing best.

Fire Instructions!

In a fire emergency you need to be calm. This is a step by step guide on what to do.

1. Don’t panic , stay calm
2. Close as many windows and doors as you can.
3. If you’re first out you get the vests or jackets
4. Open the gates
5. People on patrol makes sure everyone crosses to the field safely
6. Line up on the field with your class (be quiet and listen to the next instructions that the teacher gives).

Catholic Young Leaders Day

On Thursday 14th of June,ten students from St.Patrick’s School are chosen to participate in Catholic Young Leaders Day. This year the venue is located at Te Papa so we had to travel by train. We had to wake up early.

This program is about being the leaders of the future. There were people sharing their story and inspiring us to take action and continue being good leaders.

There were about 200 students who attended from different Catholic schools. At this event there were entertainment and one entertainment each person got bongos and there was a rhythm group guiding us,that was fantastic.

Overall the whole experience was amazing and I learnt to aim high,work hard and do your best at everything you do and a lot of other things that I will treasure.

Descriptive Writing

I see an old looking man with deep set wrinkles all over his face and hands. It makes his skin look like an old prune. He has dark bags under his eyes and he has long grey hair growing past his shoulders. His eyes looks like it is looking through me, I wonder what he’s thinking behind those twinkling eyes?

This Week’s Reflection

This week we have been learning lots! I learned different things in Writing,Maths and R.E.

For Writing I learned things that I have to have to write descriptive writing. I have to have rich words,details,describing the characters and the place. That personally helped me to improve my writing skills.

For Maths I learned more about improper fractions, equivalent fractions and turning improper fractions into mixed fractions. At first I had trouble,but when I get the hang of it,It was not as hard as I thought it would be. For example turning 5/4 into mixed fractions. The answer is 1 and 1/4.

For R.E (Religious Education). I learned about different names that people called God in the olden days. I learned about Isaiah-The Prophet of Hope , King Solomon-Wise King and Deborah-Judge and Prophetess.

That is what I have learned this week and I quite enjoyed learning all of them.